Advanced Rolfing Structural Integration • Neural, Vascular and Visceral Therapies


A Profound System of Bodywork
Advanced Rolfer Suzanne Picard has practiced this unique bodywork system for 30 years. Rolfing improves posture, gait and awareness as it decreases tension and pain and releases current stress and long-held emotional patterns. Suzanne’s additional mastery of neuro, vascular, and visceral therapies from the osteopathic viewpoint broaden and deepen the scope of her work.

A Slow, Deep, Intelligent Touch
Rolfing stretches and reorganizes the body’s connective tissue, including all tendons and ligaments and the tissue that wraps around muscles and organs. Suzanne also focuses on nervous and cranial sacral systems. This integrated approach retrains the postural and locomotor systems and boosts overall vitality—results that last long beyond the end of the session.

Holistic Healing

Beyond its physical benefits, Rolfing leads to mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Whenever we hold on to emotional tension, there is a corresponding holding in our physical bodies.

Who hasn’t held their breath in a frightening situation or tensed up under stress? If this is something that only happens occasionally the body is less likely to hold on to the gesture. However, if this is a response that persists over a length of time we may create a neuro-muscular pattern, often unconsciously. The stimuli of stressful situations and traumatic events can have long passed, but our bodies are stuck with a pattern that has outlived its usefulness. We are using energy to maintain these unconscious patterns that we could use to do the things we love. We are sending body language out into the world that no longer corresponds to who we are today. Rolfing and Rolfing Movement address these patterns. The client and practitioner work together to reset them.

As our physical bodies become more balanced we can have more ease and energy for other aspects of our lives.

Rolfing can support therapy and other contemplative and transformative practices. Throughout and after your Rolfing series you may experience increased mental, emotional, and spiritual growth and clarity.


“Suzanne is very knowledgable, caring and capable. She has a rare sensitivity and ability to communicate with patients, understand their needs, and make them feel at ease. I only wish I had found her 20 years earlier.”

 – Bob Armstrong
 Business Owner

“Suzanne has changed my life and relationship with my body for the absolute better. Her way of working is rooted in a beautiful blend of intuition and a deep understanding of the body. I have been receiving sessions from her for over 10 years and she has been an integral teacher in my healing journey. She has a gift for meeting you exactly where you are at and holding space for whatever needs to transpire in the session for your highest good. I feel so good after I see her. Thank you Suzanne for all that you are. I am so grateful that I get to experience working with you.”

– Lauren Harmon
Certified Advanced Rolfer
Equine Structural Integration and Craniosacral

“Suzanne has provided my Rolfing care for over 25 years. She helped me dial in athletically in my 20s, soothed me through pregnancy in my 30s, supported me through a serious head on car accident and has helped me stay athletic despite having a desk job. In my mid fifties I’m able to run marathons, backpack, and rock climb. None of this would have been possible without her help. Doctors legally documented that the effects of my accident would be permanent. Suzanne never gave up on me and I am so grateful. I am living my best life.”

– Ann Hill