Advanced Rolfing Structural Integration • Neural, Vascular and Visceral Therapies


A Profound System of Bodywork
Rolfing improves posture, gait and awareness. It decreases tension and pain. Neural, Vascular and Visceral Therapies from the osteopathic viewpoint, deepen and broaden the scope of this work.

Using a Slow, Deep, and Intelligent Touch
Rolfing stretches, guides and reorganizes your body’s connective tissue. Connective tissue includes all of your tendons and ligaments, and wraps around all of your muscles and internal organs. The nervous and cranial sacral systems are primary and essential components involved with the benefits of this work.

This Somatic System is a Lasting Multisession Process

It retrains your postural and locomotor systems and improves your overall vitality. The benefits can remain long after the work is complete.

“Suzanne is very knowledgable, caring and capable. She has a rare sensitivity and ability to communicate with patients, understand their needs, and make them feel at ease. I only wish I had found her 20 years earlier.”

 -Bob Armstrong
 Business Owner