Some words from my clients:

“Suzanne’s work is so immediate and profound that even Session One released tension and acute pain in my body. Through five years of my time in Suzanne’s hands, I have been able to conquer knee pain, neck/shoulder/arm nerve pain, hip pain, and general tension.

“As a Movement Teacher and dancer, I claim Suzanne’s work as a staple of my success at efficient aging. She is expert at finding the most immediate route to relaxing my nervous system. This work is why my physical and mental health are more balanced.

“My parents, partner and my teenage daughter have all enjoyed their sessions with Suzanne. “We felt thoroughly relaxed, calm and peaceful” – My 80 year old parents after receiving just one session.

“What I love most about working with Suzanne is that she is a most kind, wise, and personable human; a hallmark of what one needs in order to create trust and positive change in body work. Since our first session until now, as I stand up at the end of each journey, I feel like I am floating in zero gravity. Not only am I secure in the knowledge I am in excellent hands, I also refer my friends and movement clients to Suzanne.”
          – Rende Brockwell

I started working with Suzanne several years ago now — it started for me as a way to get my repetitive, painful back spasms under control. Along with increasing emphasis on strength conditioning, Suzanne has helped me get to a place where my back is no longer an issue at all.

“I have continued working with Suzanne regularly, even though my back is much better, as I continue to find deeper body and mind benefits every time I see her. Whether it is a new, nagging workout injury that needs help calming down, or physical symptoms of mental states, Suzanne often knows what areas of my body need work within the first few minutes of seeing me.

“I definitely recommend Suzanne to anyone seeking relief from chronic or acute physical pain, but what has been most illuminating for me is how the work has drifted into mindfulness and changed the way I think about living in my body. For anyone who wants to understand their relationship to their body in a new or different way, Suzanne is an amazing practitioner and sounding board for seeking a deeper understanding of the body.”
          – Ned

“I stopped by the Rolf Institute to learn about Rolfing. The science and philosophy behind it is impressive. I was seeking a solution to lower back pain and neck and shoulder tension. I tried massage, which I believe in, but the knots in my neck and shoulders would not go away.

“I feel so fortunate to have found Suzanne Picard. In just one session, I felt relief. I am a runner, bicyclist, and hiker. I was worried I would not be able to continue my active lifestyle. Suzanne discovered and corrected, among other things, some alignment problems associated with my right hip that were contributing to the stress and pain in my lower back. After a few sessions, most of the pain in my lower back was gone; and after the full series of sessions, I was back doing all the things I enjoy. I went from hardly being able to bend over to feeling no tension at all. One day I bent over to pick up something from the floor and expected that familiar pain. It was gone. I actually noticed the absence of the pain.

“Suzanne has a special gift and a special touch in her Rolfing ability. I highly recommend Suzanne and Rolfing to anyone, and return to her whenever I have injuries or I am in need of rebalancing. Rolfing has given my life back to me and for that, I am forever grateful to Suzanne.”
          – Penny Richardson

“I got amazing shifts in body dynamics and awareness from the work. All accomplished with Suzanne’s deep yet gentle touch.”
          – Stacey Dee
            Yoga Instructor

“I went from feeling like a hunched over mother of three to feeling tall and elegant!”
           – Judy Koons
             Life Coach

“Suzanne is very knowledgable, caring and capable. She has a rare sensitivity and ability to communicate with patients, understand their needs, and make them feel at ease. I only wish I had found her 20 years earlier.”
          – Bob Armstrong
            Business Owner

“Suzanne has provided my Rolfing care for over 25 years. She helped me dial in athletically in my 20s, soothed me through pregnancy in my 30s, supported me through a serious head on car accident and has helped me stay athletic despite having a desk job. In my mid fifties I’m able to run marathons, backpack, and rock climb. None of this would have been possible without her help. Doctors legally documented that the effects of my accident would be permanent. Suzanne never gave up on me and I am so grateful. I am living my best life.”
          – Ann Hill

“Suzanne has changed my life and relationship with my body for the absolute better. Her way of working is rooted in a beautiful blend of intuition and a deep understanding of the body. I have been receiving sessions from her for over 10 years and she has been an integral teacher in my healing journey. She has a gift for meeting you exactly where you are at and holding space for whatever needs to transpire in the session for your highest good. I feel so good after I see her. Thank you Suzanne for all that you are. I am so grateful that I get to experience working with you.”

          – Lauren Harmon
Certified Advanced Rolfer
Equine Structural Integration and Craniosacral